Magic is in the air…

… which I suppose is a nice change from floating viral particles.

Of course it doesn’t take a lot of calling on Mr. GOOGLE, or Alexa, or Siri, to realize that those coronavirus splinters and scraps are pretty much as prevalent as ever… but…

Now, we have rosy COVID-resistant glasses that prevent us from seeing it anymore. It’s like we’re wearing 100-SPF COVID-screen.

Life, at least in my little valley enclave in British Columbia has mystically returned to the long ago era of BC (Before COVID).

Sure, there are still some remnants of those darker prehistoric days… a few plexiglass barriers, an occasional mask-wearer, hand sanitizer inside store entrances.

But these are becoming museum pieces of a bygone era… so quickly forgotten.


Today I’ll support my case with some examples of the end of COVID as we have come to know and love it.

8 Ways I know that COVID fear is pretty much over?

  1. MASKS? Those things we wore to remind us of the beauty of a person’s eyes? Gone Girl!
  2. Trump is back!! Yes, the more virulent Orange virus is back on top of the headlines, displacing the skyrocketing charts of dead and dying from our screens, with dread and lying. GILEAD redux?
  3. Work from home? Pajama Fridays? Peeing during ZOOM meetings? Finito! Elon Musk says get back to the office or find another job.
  4. We can visit the elderly, sick, and dying in their homes and hospital/care-home bedrooms in place of a cellphone screen or glass-plate window. Death, a normally lonely experience (is anything more lonely than leaving this planet when everyone else is staying behind?) is just a tiny bit less frightening when you have a hand to hold while taking your last breath.
  5. Marriages, anniversaries, birthdays, concerts, movies, reunions, Funerals(!)… celebrations and drunk-fests/wakes of all sorts are back on.
  6. All the Vaccine clinics that popped up everywhere have disappeared like Blockbuster movie rental stores. We’re back to buying our needles on street corners again.
  7. Airports and airplanes and trains have returned with a vengeance to their pre-COVID set of crowds and frustrations, delays and security measures.
  8. Lately, the JEOPARDY game show has had a Canadian contestant on their Los Angeles-based show almost once a week. For 2 years it was like Canada was nuked off the map. Everybody deserves a CANUCK in their life, eh?

Mattea Roach, Toronto Jeopardy Champion!

And, speaking of all of those travel frustrations, I’m going to test the exploration waters with a sojourn for a few weeks to the Emerald Isle, the Land of Erin.. OK… Ireland and Northern Ireland.

I’ll try to surface from my Irish Whisky haze long enough to check in with you at some point along the backroads.

In the meantime friends, I have my trusty… and trusted… friend, Jim Ferguson to carry the Man On The Fringe flag for a post or two while I sip Guinness and kiss the Blarney Stone.

And, as BC Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said at the end of her daily updates for almost 2 years of pandemic: “be kind, be calm, be safe“.

Good words to live by, with or without COVID.

Ireland Adopts Canada?