Slay the Heroes!

Grind them up and feed them to the swine!

COVID Round 4 is messing with my HERO Plan

Lance Armstrong, Julie Payette, Bill Gates, Andrew Cuomo, Bill Cosby, Aung San Suu Kyi … all modern-day fallen angels… have all, to greater and lesser degrees, stumbled downwards into the devil’s lair, shamefully shifted to Santa’s Naughty List.

I’ve loved and kissed the feet of them all at some point.

Surprisingly, Mahatma Ghandi, Winston Churchill, and yes, even Mother Teresa had their critics and criticisms, but checking back in our rearview mirrors, they made lasting impressions, and most folks will agree, left a positive mark on the world.

It won’t shock me if one day Barack Obama plummets from the heavens over something we uncover, a distasteful chink in his armour. Even Canada’s cancer hero,Terry Fox, had he lived long enough, would likely have crashed from some “undiscovered-til-now” weakness.

Despite all of this, I just don’t care.

I’ve said it before and will say it again… I still love heroes, frailties and all.

When I wander my local supermarket, I pick and choose *er… squish and taste* the produce that excels in the bins – the ones with the perfect Mona Lisa smiles – I don’t gather everything indiscriminately.

Similarly, when I look at choosing a hero, I select and attempt to model myself on the best of their character or performance, not the entirety of the person.

In books and movies we cherish superheroes. I’m sorry to tell you this but, Superman doesn’t exist in reality.

In real life, we only have human heroes. There are no heroes without flaws; real people who’ve tried to overcome their fears and weaknesses to accomplish something meaningful.

They may look like hapless heroes today, but they’ve given us good reason – even if only for a short time – to see them as heroes nonetheless. 

We’re all just human is an obvious expression of our fallibility, but it sums up the nature of humanity and its lack of perfection.

They say (eg. two famous John’s: JFK and the Bible, John 15) that with privilege comes responsibility… I’m hearing this over and over right now in the whole VAX debate (No, I won’t jump on this persistent itch here and now!)

I can only YODA-try to be a hero myself if I accept some responsibility. Hero’dom vehemently insists on it.

COVID days have brought a good deal of my world to a standstill… while I can’t truly solve the larger problems of the world, my esteem is lifted when I help others… sometimes only one other, sometimes 10 others.

And this is the big thing that I miss in all of this isolation. I crave responsibility with a small “r” and COVID is messing with my HERO plan.

My value, my worth, my “hero’ness” to the planet is solidified if my inherent privilege is utilized in a positive way. A selfish side-effect? My contentment increases alongside my generosity.

Like the fate of so many statues of the once infallibly fallible, let’s park our former heroes in museums of our mind, cherry-picking the best of their powers and attributes, while learning from their errors.

Almost like happy little accidents, personable heroes like Mr. Rogers or Bob Ross can lead our eyes and efforts over the lofty bar they set …

… for if we don’t have the azure sky to look towards, then what keeps us from sitting idle and letting the world merely happen to us, like dominos set in a row, awaiting our unavoidable and ultimate fate.

Right now… today… is a great time to get prepared and revive your Hero Plan.