I was born on a Wednesday… Happy Humpday!

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go.
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
But the child born on the Sabbath Day,
Is fair and wise and good in every way.

I’m trying to get my mind away from the negative humps of TrumpWorld and Coronavirus… this temporary season of suck… with featherweight blog posts that refresh and leave a light spearminty taste in your mouth afterwards. Let’s label it an attitude reset.

Anyway, I am a Humpday Baby… sounds kinda appropriate given the way people say babies come about (although, much like you, I know with certainty that my parents never did the Dirty Deed!)… but who can really trust science, it might be FAKE NEWS!

A couple of thousand years ago on a dark and stormy night, I wiggled my way into this world in the very early hours of a Wednesday (1:52 am to be exact).

Good thing my Mom was a night owl… she was probably awake writing letters to family members when I popped out.

Just a few nights back, I awoke in the quiet blackness of some ungodly hour thinking about weird (and strangely, non-sexual) things as we all do, and it occurred to me that we seem to know that our birth order has an effect on who and what we become… sure… but does birth day of the week also mark us equally?

It’s not crucial to know this stuff, but our mind doesn’t seem to care a scintilla about what is or isn’t important when it goes off on oddball tangents in the middle of the night.

Of course the zodiac has something to say about all of this.

I’m a religious skeptic, and a zodiac skeptic too.

But let’s face it… a little mystery, a little supernatural, a little esoteric wonder gives us a little bumplet of enthusiasm about the magic of how we became US.

It’s harmless metaphysical meandering that adds a pinch of spice to our world of unknowable unknowns.

Hogwash?… yeah, maybe…. but let’s step through the looking glass anyway…

And because this isn’t a scientific or fact-based paper, but a loose creation from a mere blogger (me), the information below is sourced from a variety of (unreferenced) Google sources which may or not have a smidgen of credibility.

Numerology, which is a belief that numbers and events are connected, might hold some answers to the army of secrets in our lives.

There are multiple things that affect our personality, and the day of the week we were born, it’s supposed, might have something to do with it. There are lifepath numbers, which can be found by adding all the numbers in your birthdate. These can apparently reveal your strongest and weakest traits, but the day of the week you were born on doesn’t rely on numerology alone.

The seven days of the week are influenced by seven planets and other celestial bodies — Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Here’s what the zodiac says about me, a child of Wednesday:

Wednesday is named after the Norse god Wodan. This day, the fourth day of the week, is linked to the planet Mercury. Those born on a Wednesday are generally well-spoken and have an innate talent for improvisation… They love juggling with numbers. Those ruled by Mercury are the best improvisers. Children of this day will inherit the restless and questioning qualities associated with this planet. Wednesday’s child is communicative, logical, unreliable, careless and versatile. These individuals have a message to deliver to the rest of us and need to stay on the move, learn and communicate in order to prosper. Wednesday born people are very smart and have amazing communication skills but have also workaholics tendencies.

I’d have to say that description hits about half of me. The mists inside the crystal ball are a bit murky in some of those descriptors.

But here’s the important stuff for you… and to save you the bother of checking important “facts” the next time you awake at 3 am wondering….

… wondering what day of the week you were born and what that reveals about your personality, I offer you the following (and if your memory is weak like mine, and you’ve somehow forgotten, here is a handy site to plug in your birth-date and retrieve the day of the week YOU were born):

1. Sunday

Those born on Sunday are ruled by the sun, according to astrological zodiac signs. It’s seen as the first day of the week and those born on this day might become leaders. If you were born on a Sunday, you are someone who seeks something extraordinary in your life. Daily life is too mundane for you and you are forever searching for a better time. This also makes you a positive person to be around. You are likely to be creative, noble, self-centred, bold and loud.

2. Monday

If you were born on Monday, you are ruled by the moon, which might mean that you are sensitive, moody, intuitive, and emotional. You are also likely to be a romantic person who knows how to shower your partner with love and affection. The moonchild is also likely to be someone who loves being home and cares about their family life above all else. The stability of a home and the comfort it gives brings out the best in you.

3. Tuesday

If you were born on the third day of the week, you are ruled by fiery Mars. You might display traits that the most successful people have. However, you are likely to be sensitive to criticism, which can be a good thing if you are trying to change. You have a high amount of energy and you push yourself to work hard until you meet your goals. You are someone who doesn’t know how to mince their words and people come to you for an honest perspective.

4. Wednesday

This day of the week is ruled by Mercury. If you were born on a Wednesday, you have a questioning and restless mind. You are also great at improvising your way forward. You are a logical person who values communication. You are also someone who is versatile and you can’t sit still until you have the answers to your questions. While you are great at communicating, there is a tendency to overwork and tire yourself out.

5. Thursday 

Those born on this day are ruled by Jupiter. Optimistic, genial, and a generally fun person, you attract people to you. Thur is derived from the Norse God Thor, and just like him you display a strength of character. You might be the life of the party but sometimes you forget about the mundane things in your life. You are more likely to be planning a grand birthday party for your partner than take care of the dishes on a daily basis.

6. Friday 

Venus rules the Friday child, and that means that you are creative. There is an artist and a lover inside every one of you. Social, seductive, artistic, and sometimes, a little too reliant on people’s opinions are how people might describe you. You might be the quintessential epicure, who has a love of fine things. You love surrounding yourself with beauty and your home would be the perfect example of it. You cherish harmony and prefer not to ruffle any feathers.

7. Saturday

Ruled by Saturn, Saturday is traditionally the last day of the week. Those born on this day are important to their family and are unlikely to have an easy life path. You are wise, modest, practical, and studious. While there may be many challenges in your life, you also have the skills to go past them. You might find yourself being the person responsible for most of the important things in your family. You are also likely to be individualistic and freedom-loving.

There you go… You now understand the WHO and WHY of YOU.

So when you make a terrible mistake some day in the future…. just shrug and reply innocently… “… it’s not my fault. I can’t help it, I was born on a (your day of the week).

Ta-Daaaaa… you’re welcome.

PS. Three weeks ago, I posted a blog with lyrics I wrote to a song called The Vacant Chair, the story of my Grandmother writing a letter to my Mom less than 2 weeks after my Grandfather died in 1935.

Below is a recording I’ve made to a slightly amended set of those lyrics.

The music I’ve written to accompany it is aiming for – as my sister labelled it – “dissonance”… a feeling of discomfort and loneliness.

For the music and guitar nerds out there, I was going to use Beck’s unusual guitar tuning – from Heart Is A Drum – but couldn’t get the sound I was looking for, so I switched into the C tuning (CGCGCE) vs standard guitar tuning of EADGBE that allowed me to get the chords with the “jangled” sound I was seeking. Ta-Daaaaa!