… Godot? … The bus?… The end?… Hell to freeze over?


Happy New Year my friends… welcome to a shiny, brand new 2023 blog post!

I hate waiting… I love waiting… yin and yang… blessings and curses…

… it’s about impatience… it’s about eagerness… it’s about aging… it’s about anticipation… it’s about expectation…

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known“… Carl Sagan

So what am I waiting for?

No delays for you… no waiting today with an Auld Lang Syne New Year upon us…


Waiting for the fish to bite or waiting for wind to fly a kite.

Or waiting around for Friday night

or waiting perhaps for their Uncle Jake or a pot to boil or a better break

or a string of pearls or a pair of pants or a wig with curls or another chance.

Everyone is just waiting“… Dr. Seuss


Let’s go right into my “waiting list”, both positive and negative… some may contain elements of both. … I’m (You’re) waiting for:

  1. my knees or hips or feet to tell me I can’t run or cycle any more – so many folks I’ve known over the years tell me that their joints just aren’t up to it any longer. My day will come, I’m certain, I just don’t know when yet. Today is not that day…
  2. my Apple shares to reach $200 … again, today is not that day, but hopefully this year!
  3. words to come to me while writing this blog
  4. my urethra to lock up and say, “that’s it, no more pee coming through here until you take a pill or go under the knife to have that prostate whittled down.”
  5. a highly anticipated movie that’s been advertised for months… and the buttery popcorn that is the real attraction.
  6. a special, perfect gift to be opened that I’ve purchased for a loved one
  7. a Hawaiian pizza (or turkey) cooking in the oven – ah, the smells…
  8. for a moment of intense anger (road rage perhaps?) to pass before doing or saying anything – this is such an important life skill that I know can save immense emotional distress in so many circumstances
  9. the first perfect day of spring when I can sit outside in a t-shirt and enjoy a light beer or tea in total, blissful comfort
  10. the moment my wife or, in more recent years, daughter, blessedly walks through the door after I’ve spent the entire day with zestful young kids who are a total delight but an incredible energy drain’er
  11. my toes to feel the sand shimmy between them on a Caribbean beach for the first moment after a long plane trip
  12. the moment when you know you’ve “mastered” a skill after days/weeks/years of practice… a choir song, a golf shot, a tennis lob, a guitar/mandolin lick
  13. the last second to tick off in a championship winning game either as a participant or a spectator…
  14. bigotry, misogyny, sexism, ageism, intolerance in a hundred forms…. to drop off the edge of this flat earth (did I misunderstand something in my geography class?)
  15. the exhilaration of crossing the finish line of a running race… long or short distance, the build-up of pain that comes, and then the release that is a huge catharsis afterwards (sound like sex?)
  16. the return of a prized TV series where you finally find out … who REALLY shot JR!!!??
  17. the world envisioned by Dr. MLK in his essay/book WHY WE CAN’T WAIT, to be realized
  18. and finally… death – when the final breath arrives and a lengthy life story with a thousand and one elements has come to a close…


OK, I’ll just gonna sit here and tap my toes a bit longer, but my late bus of patience might just cause me to scream… no no no Larry…. don’t break your first New Year’s resolution THAT fast!

Yoga breath! Ommmmmm… Prospero Año Nuevo a Todos…


Too much New Years’ Midnight Champagne for me!