CLEVER Type? … to be clever is not an easy achievement.

Clever is not synonymous with being smart – un-unh – it’s nuanced… clever can come from the bowels of the lowliest of troglodytes to the brains of the Masters of the Universe *are you talking about ME?! aw, shucks*

Nope. Not smart. Not really.

OK… I’ll bend a bit and accept that to be clever does take some intelligence.

Maybe, just maybe… cleverness is one of the 12 (originally 9 but expanded over the years) intelligences as described by Howard Gardner in 1983.

1. Logical-mathematical intelligence

2. Linguistic intelligence

3. Spatial intelligence

4. Body-kinesthetic intelligence

5. Musical intelligence

6. Interpersonal intelligence

7. Intrapersonal intelligence

8. Naturalistic intelligence

9. Emotional intelligence

10. Existential intelligence

11. Creative intelligence

12. Collaborative intelligence

… or maybe clever is a handy combination of a group of the 12 intelligences in one neat package… hmmmmm…

To look at something, to express something in a very different way is to be clever.

Clever is really a pseudonym for innovation with ideas, thoughts, words and actions. Kinda like IDEA SEX.

Clever to me is an adroitness with ideas, a facility with finding something we don’t usually see with casual observance.

I took the shell off my racing snail to make him go faster. Now he’s sluggish

I personally think that Dad jokes are clever, but… wrong!… I’m struck down immediately by my kids when I try out my so-called cleverness… I just need another outlet!

People that are clever notice things that others don’t- they find a way out of the box, a facility to take practical and learned knowledge and come to an independent conclusion about something. Clever people break ground.

Oscar Wilde was clever. Charles Dickens and Jane Austen were clever. Monty Python was clever. Jerry Seinfeld, Picasso, Alexander Graham Bell, Marie Curie, Steve Jobs and Joni Mitchell – all clever. I begrudgingly admit that even Donald Trump is clever, just not in a way that I appreciate.

You can be clever and stupid at the same time *see comment about Trump above*.

Clever and stupid?

I admire cleverness. I strive for cleverness because it’s rare.

I aim for cleverness and sometimes when I’m writing a blog post or song lyrics, or crafting a chord combination for a song, I say to myself, “that was clever Larry“. All I’m saying when I mumble this to myself is that I’ve found a way to express a thought, idea, or emotion that excels, that I haven’t consciously seen or heard before. Cleverness= Originality.

When I hear a song or watch a movie that says something that I’ve never heard expressed before, I feel enthused and excited. Originality is tough to find.

The great thing about cleverness in our consumer-oriented society is that it usually doesn’t cost a cent and yet gives us the buzz of internal excitement, a feeling of life being really lived, not just observed.

Being smart is good. You want to be smart. In today’s world, to thrive you should be smart.

But to experience an elevated emotional state takes a different kind of smart, a different kind of intelligence.

So shed your embarrassment over the CT term and rise up and show the world that you are a proud CT… you know, Clever-Type!

Mom Joke!