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A little more Idea Sex this week. In song form…

Summer and sex go together like… gin and tonic… or hugs and kisses.

I’ll explain this more in just a minute.

While working my early “retirement” job as a bartender at a local Greek restaurant a few years back, I spotted a cute young couple, nervously fumbling through a date night.

The early evening began awkwardly; I could clearly see the initial discomfort. But, as the alcoholic drinks I prepared for them settled in, a transformation sprang up as they slowly loosened and were able to more easily “be themselves”.

They were obviously attracted to each other, but needed that little helping hand of liquid relaxation to get past the early stiffness.

Two hours later, the pair strolled out arm-in-arm and in full precoital flush. I felt like Yentl the Shadchan (Matchmaker) Bartender.

I told you this cute little romance story in a blog post way back on June 26, 2016.

So, back to Idea Sex.

Take that blog post I wrote and then mix with…  remember that kind of crass but-oh-so-fun song from 1975, Third Rate Romance by the Amazing Rhythm Aces?

What a great cheesy line the late Russell Smith sings out: “… third rate romance, low rent rendezvous“.


She said, “You don’t look like my type
But I guess you’ll do”
Third rate romance
Low rent rendezvous
And he said, “I’ll even tell you that I love you
If you want me to”
Third rate romance
Low rent rendezvous”


Anyway, I’ve taken these 2 ideas, a real budding romance and the lyric conversation of Third Rate Romance and concocted my own set of young romance story lyrics.

Light and fun… summer music…

date night


by Larry Green

At a small table by the window
he ordered his first glass of pluck
shyly she said, “I’d like the pineapple coconut mojito”
the bracer a friend had suggested for luck
they both needed some quick libation
she’d worried about what she should wear
barely legal they got carded
skittishly fiddled the ends of her dark auburn hair
and felt the searing eyes of nearby watchers
’til finally they ordered some food to share

For a time it seemed mighty awkward,
they hemmed and they hawed a lot
nibbled at some dips and some pitas
her mind wandering, his voice drowned in a fog
he said, “I think I like margaritas, do you?”
she giggled, he fumbled over the salt shaker
until the courage drinks set before them
and the third sip hit like an icebreaker
boldly he reached for her hand, nails painted sky blue
calling out “two more please…” to the waiter


With each glass of romance
pinot gris and ouzo flowing
her beauty carves a razor’s edge
then she smiles, “I like your eyes”,
the line unfurls, unmasks the guise
sweet perfume blooms at sunrise

Dirty martini ran smooth down his throat
she said and he said, flowing like silk on their skin
he inched his way forward inhaling her scent
she echoed his move stroked a finger ‘cross his chin
this Romeo tingled fiery at the memory of when
at 16 he’d touched a breast, head in a spin
but only through the gauze of a bra
this Juliet wiggled with the flirt, the warm teasing swim
the gap verging closer and closer
keenly aware of the hot breathy twinge

They barely noticed the sun slide behind the Okanagan hill
summer candle’s caress lit their freshly flushed faces
she pushed closer and fiddled with his collar
two hearts pulsing with drink and desire
he worried over the protection in his pocket,
and would the wrinkling give him away
she uncrossed her soft tanned legs
felt shivers as his hand brushed lightly on her thigh
just a final kiss of glass rims and
the feast is ended, the setting of the die


With each glass of romance
pinot gris and ouzo flowing
her beauty a razor’s edge
then she smiles, “I like your eyes”,
the line unfurls unmasks the guise
sweet perfume blooms at sunrise

dinner wine