Katy Perry kissed a girl and she liked it.

Katy Perry

I’m pretty sure if Katy Perry kissed me, I’d like it too. Although knowing that those lips had touched Russell Brand’s lips and naughty bits … EWWWW… not quite sure how I feel about that.

Have you ever thought about kissing a person of the same gender, even once in your life? ( Of course, if you’re on the gay side of the fence already, rephrase the question to kissing the opposite gender, OK?). I know I’ve had the thought, maybe twice in my lifetime, years back, and I’m not naming names, but it was a surreal experience. It wasn’t an attraction, just a compulsive moment.

There are some funny things that go on in our heads sometimes. I doubt that I’m the only one who has stood at the edge of the precipice of Niagara Falls or on the knife edge of a steep cliff and thought,

“What if I just took that next step and plummeted over the edge?”

It’s a scary scenario when we know that all rational thought is against doing the deed, but the damned little devil voice pipes in there nonetheless.

It could be such an easy step...

It could be such an easy step…

Kissing someone that you know you never would … maybe you’ve felt a strange compulsion to kiss your brother, sister, or a hot cousin in a non-relative sort of way, or an aunt or uncle, I don’t know. Just someone who is TABOO, and you know it.

I’m shocked at myself for thinking these thoughts, but it’s not like I have some sort of conscious control over the momentary notion. I do have control – thankfully – over exercising the idea into action.

Anyway, I’ve never had one of those first kisses. But those are just random thoughts when what I really want to talk about is :

What is the true meaning of the first kiss?

First Kiss 3

I’d say that 99% of us have or will have a first kiss. And to take the point a bit further, some, maybe most of us, will have a number of “first kisses”.

A first kiss is like jumping over into that river above Niagara Falls, you could end up crashing on the rocks below and the pain would be unbearable.

The risk level of a first kiss in human terms is higher than a wager at the baccarat table in Vegas. You place a bet and wait, moving delicately forward, either anticipating the delicious reward or the brutal smackdown.

I’ve never been a high risk player on the love scene. I’ve rarely, maybe never, asked someone for a date where I didn’t believe there was a 95% + certainty of getting a “YES” response. Everything worked out well in the long term for me with this cautious approach, but this may not be the best thing for a young person wanting to experience a variety of personalities in the dating pool.

If I reflect back on the number of girls I was interested in as a young fellow and might potentially have dated, minus the flat out ego-deflating refusals that would have been inevitable, I would have invested a lot more money in movie tickets and dinners. There would have been some outright disasters, but, some of those investments may have been pure gold. My ego just wasn’t up for the rejection.

For me, the kiss is a huge part of whether the relationship will be continued. The point where lips melt together in smooth and velvety bliss tells a whole lot about the compatibility of a pair. It can be the make it or break it point.

The excitement and passion of a first kiss is the romantic pinnacle of a relationship, and a warm memory that simmers in the stillness of our memory trove of life.

Again, without naming names, I know that I ruled out one potential young lady as partner material based on an overly thick tonguing that threatened to cut off my air supply. If you love me, don’t suffocate me. Great person, terrible kisser. I feel badly that I didn’t say something at the time other than “Goodbye”, but it was sadly easier than saying, “Good God, what kind of a lizard did you descend from?”

The First Kiss.

A good, hotly anticipated, maybe slowly drawn out first kiss leaves us on a cloud – floating in a mesmerized, dreamy state of hope and longing.

Move over Katy Perry, I’ve kissed a girl. And I liked it too.

first kiss 2