I don’t speak GUY!


I’m not really a BROmance kind of male that sits around with his mates and shoots the s**t about cars or women or sports. But BROmance is critically important to the beer and film industries, and so I don’t think I would want to flap my butterfly wings and colossally disrupt something that holds such an important place in our world. Budweiser, Guinness, and Coors need BRO’s to be BROmantic, quaff their suds, and watch Judd Apatow buddy movies. Cheers Boys!

On the other hand, BRAmance is as important or even more important to me and to the world (BRAmance sells beer too!) because it involves both men and women intimately…and I MEAN intimately!

BRAMance Bacon

Take this one out for a stroll Lady GAGA!

Honestly, I LOVE BRAS! I’m very BRAmantic.

I know it’s selfish and terribly chauvinistic. I’m almost more into bras than I am breasts. I like the look of the bra’ed woman. Bras are like the bun around the burger…the lettuce beneath the entree…the shell around the oyster and pearl. A bra frames the main course and makes it more appealing and appetizing. A man’s hormones and bras share a direct linkage.

My first “hands-on” experience with a bra was at 17. I was deeply in love and lust and to have the chance to slip my novice hands under her shirt and up to her bra was heavenly. It was a light white cotton lacy affair and made no resistance to my exploring fingers. It felt as soft and smooth as the breasts that it cradled beneath. My heart felt like it might explode. It was like a Bra Mitzvah for a non-Jewish kid. A coming of age story of young adulthood. I felt like I was grown up. Despite my fumbles, I didn’t need the famed New Yorker writer and author Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert here. It was as instinctive as cliff swallows returning to Capistrano each year.

BUT…the bra is one area that men and women see from different perspectives. Men generally love and adore the bra in a pretty superficial way…women have a far more mixed and intimate viewpoint as sexual, political and philosophical aspects play a part of the perspective.

I’m not out burning bras, but I’m very opinionated about women owning their power.”

Katherine Heigl

Since wearing a slip and a bra in Ed Wood I have much more respect for women.”

Johnny Depp

It’s back to the old Mars (Men) and Venus (Women) scenario. It’s like Liberals (or Labour) and Conservatives…Democrats and Republicans….Heaven and Hell…Marriage and Divorce…Abbott and Costello. There is always a perspective that differs depending on which side of the C cup you reside.

An aside: speaking of C cups, the average cup size in Canada, Australia, most of South America, and Britain is a C, the US slightly larger at D, most of the Middle East carries a B booby, and China and most of Africa sport A cups.

BRAmance Canine

I don’t know the average cup size for canines…

Bras have become a major force in society in the past century. Since the word “brassiere” was coined in 1893, busts, push-ups, and under-wires have underpinned our world. Our economy and mindsets are dependent on the physics of breast support, decoration, and decolletage. Whole companies (Victoria’s Secret, La Vie en Rose) and Television Shows (Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show) and magazines (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition) are predicated on the not-so-humble bra. Worldwide, each year, about 17 Billion dollars worth of bras are peddled with the average North American or European woman purchasing two new bras each trip around the sun. This is major commerce.

Of course the bra has practical purposes, some of which can be disputed but hold more or less sway with the user and observer:

  • Disguises unruly nipples
  • Prevents sagging and jiggles
  • Complies with socially acceptable dress codes
  • Prevents pain and damage when running
  • Adds sexual allure
  • Gives the illusion of larger breasts
  • Accommodates all manner of clothing
  • Symbolizes coming of age
  • Supports prosthetics post-mastectomy
  • Provides shock value
Edible BRAmance

Shocking yes, but edible too!

I expect the bra is here to stay and the BRAmance will continue for some time to come. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with lingerie….let’s not deny sensuality and sexuality as aspects of an entire person. I play, I work, I read, I sex.

I’m a whole person and so are you.

Whether you’re a man or woman…whether your cup is half full or half empty…love the bra or hate it…it’s up to you. Ultimately, the spandex scaffolds aside, this world is full of judgment and probably no area of life is more judged than sexuality. What we wear and what it symbolizes sometimes gives us joy, sometimes guilt, sometimes it just means comfort or discomfort.

We BRO’s love the BRA, but you know, the beauty of the BRAmance is truly in the eye of the BRAholder.

The most grounded advice I know comes from a lady who chooses to go braless:

In my case, it makes them [braless breasts]  happy because it means my knees don’t get lonely”